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When does Fortnite Chapter 3, season 3 start?

Get ready to experience Collision before the new season begins.

Four characters stand in front of a giant mech with its fist on the ground
Image via Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter Three, season two is quickly coming to a close.

The collective forces of The Seven and the IO have engaged in an all-out war with each other, and it looks like all the fighting is coming to a head at the end of the season with the Collision event. The Seven need to stop the IO from setting off The Collider, and they plan on doing that with the newly re-built mecha, which players helped them restore in some of this season’s challenges.

One season ending, however, means another season is just around the corner.

Chapter Three, season three promises to be one of Fortnite’s best yet, with Chapter Three’s story reaching a climax and the game building off the success of its Zero Build mode. 

Here’s when Fortnite Chapter Three, season three starts.

When does Fortnite Chapter Three, season three start?

Chapter Three, season two will end on June 4, according to the countdown timer currently in the game. June 4 is also the date of the Collision event, announced as the official end of season two, which goes live at 2pm CT.

This means Fortnite Chapter Three, season three will most likely begin on June 4, immediately following the Collision event.

Epic Games has also advised players that the COLLISION playlist will become available 30 minutes before the event actually begins and that players should squad up and enter the playlist before the event’s start time, so they won’t miss anything. Collision is a one-time event, so players will need to make some free time for it.

After the Collision event is over, players should be able to jump back into the game and enjoy the beginning of Chapter Three, season three. If it’s anything like this chapter’s second season, players are in for one heck of a ride.