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When does Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7 end?

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Each Fortnite season is unique in its own way, but they do have one aspect in common and that’s ending. All seasons are available for a limited time, meaning players will need to complete all season-specific challenges to collect their rewards. Battle Passes also expire with each season, so the players who would like to unlock all the cosmetics will be against a timer.

Considering each season also wraps up with an epic event, it turns into an occasion that every Fortnite player looks forward to. These large-scale events tend to wrap up a season’s story while also setting the stage for the next season. The following seasons usually pick up from where the final event leaves the story, allowing players to find themselves in the center of the narrative. 

It’s been a while since Fortnite’s Chapter Two, season seven went live. If you have started the season late and are slowly working toward decking out your Battle Pass, it may be wise to know how much time you have to work with.

When will Fortnite Chapter Two, season seven end?

As of now, Fortnite Chapter Two, season seven is scheduled to end on Sept. 12. The following season should go live shortly after the latest one wraps up, which should be around Sept. 12 and 13 based on where you live.

The theme of the new season is still anyone’s guess, but considering Fortnite has been pushing the alien theme for a while, the chances are players may find themselves in a space adventure. Throughout the last couple of seasons, the Fortnite universe went through a lot of crises that were all existential threats. It’s entirely possible that Fortnite’s bad luck when it comes to having a day without a world-ending accident may start spreading into the part of the universe that it belongs to.

If Epic settles with the space theme, players can look forward to alien and astronaut-themed skins that will probably be the main pieces of the next Battle Pass.