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When does Fortnite Chapter 2, season 5 start?

Get ready for an early morning.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite gamers around the world teamed up today to defeat Galactus in an epic event that led to more than 1.6 million concurrent viewers on Twitch

But now, all you can see when you login is a timer counting down to 11pm CT. 

With preparation for Fortnite’s Chapter Two, season five now underway, there’s little time before we get to see what the new season has to offer. But if you think that timer in-game is when the season officially launches, you might want to hold your horses. 

A post today from Fortnite’s official server status Twitter account has indicated that while in-game notifications suggest season five will start at 11pm CT, the servers will go down at that time. 

The update for season five will begin at 11pm CT tonight, according to the post. Players can expect to have access to Fortnite’s Chapter Two, season five at approximately 3am CT. 

While that time isn’t definitive, Fortnite’s server status Twitter account will post updates as the game becomes available.