What’s new in Fortnite Chapter 3, season 2: Resistance

The new season has finally arrived.

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Epic Games has shown it knows how to build up hype for each new season of Fortnite. Whether it’s teasers, trailers, or complete radio silence (like in this season), the excitement amongst players continues to grow every time a new season approaches.  

When it comes to new content in Chapter Three, season two, Epic went all in. The season not only introduces new weapons and items, but also new vehicles, movement mechanics, and more.

New Mechanics in Fortnite Chapter Three, season two

The biggest change the new season brings is the absence of building, at least for the beginning of the season. The game’s core mechanic has been “wiped out,” forcing players to discover a new way of playing Fortnite for the first time since the game’s release.

Now that players will no longer be able to protect themselves with freshly built walls, Epic has added an overshield to the game, which grants an additional 50 shield that recovers back to full after not taking damage for a short period. This will take damage before your health and shield.

To further help in battles without builds, the new season comes with a series of movement upgrades. The default movement speed has been increased, and the new sprinting mechanic will allow players to run faster than ever before. Sprinting can help you get to cover faster, jump further, and even bash through doors. The new mantling mechanic lets your character climb up edges that are slightly out of their reach, providing a way to gain high ground fast without the need to build.

New Weapons in Fortnite Chapter Three, season two

As expected, the new season introduces new weapons and other changes to the loot pool. The MK-7 Assault Rifle has been vaulted, with another scoped assault rifle taking its place.

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The Striker Burst Rifle is a two-shot semi-automatic rifle that comes with a scope similar to the MK-7. Another new weapon, the Combat SMG, “packs a heavy punch” but has strong recoil to compensate for its power, according to the official page.

Several weapons have returned from the vault for season two. The Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle, Drum Shotgun, Revolver, and Remote Explosives are back, each one slightly adjusted from what they were in prior seasons. The Thermal Scoped Revolver and Storm Scout Sniper Rifle returned to the exotic weapon pool, and Shockwave Grenades have been added back to casual game modes. 

The Repair Torch and the Cow Catcher are new, vehicle-related items. The Repair Torch repairs damaged vehicles and can be refueled at gas pumps. The Cow Catcher can be thrown on a vehicle to enhance its ability to bash through obstacles.

IO and Resistance

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The ongoing battle between the Resistance and the Imagined Order (IO) requires some heavy artillery, and the IO is well prepared. In POIs claimed by the IO, players can find IO Titan Tanks that aim to destroy everything on their way. IO’s Siege Cannons are a quick way for players to launch themselves or their teammates across the map. Siege Cannons can also be loaded with projectiles to keep enemies at distance. IO Blimps hover over IO-occupied POIs and can be accessed through ziplines or by landing on them directly.

To help the Resistance, players can spend their gold bars to fund the Armored Battle Bus, and vote which mounted turret—light or heavy—will be added to the loot pool. The Armored Battle Bus can be found from POIs occupied by the Resistance once it’s been fully funded. 

The map has changed slightly with the addition of two new named locations, the Fortress and Synapse Station. Synapse Station is located near Haven’s Oasis in the southeast part of the map, and the Fortress can be found west of Loot Lake. Covert Cavern has been renamed to Command Cavern.

Chapter Three, season two battle pass

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As always, a new season comes with a new battle pass, packed with content to unlock. This season, players can grind XP to unlock the Doctor Strange outfit, along with seven other skins and a plethora of other content. Battle pass owners also get access to Omni Sword quests and can customize the Omni Sword pickaxe to their liking.

Knowing Fortnite, there will be plenty of more to discover as the season progresses, and we’ll update this article whenever new elements appear.

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