What is Chrome in Fortnite?

Whatever you do, don't touch the Chrome

A promotional image from Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4, Paradise showing a hand reaching out of Chrome metallic liquid
Image via Epic Games

Fortnite is getting ready to launch its next season, Paradise, with Epic Games releasing a few teasers last week. Now, as Fortnite Chapter Three, season three draws to a close, many players are eager about the next season and what it holds. While players have less than a week until they find out, it hasn’t stopped these burning questions.

Before the teasers were shown, an image from the Nintendo eShop page for Fortnite leaked and showed what looked like a member of The Seven reaching out of some kind of metallic liquid. While some originally thought this was oil or some other kind of goo, Fortnite has since confirmed that the new liquid will be called Chrome.

But what is Chrome?

What is Chrome in Fortnite?

Tweets that were leaked ahead of the teasers’ release said things like “Chrome will consume all, Chrome will be all. #FortniteParadise” and “Consume everything. #FortniteParadise.” This seems to imply that Chrome will be the major antagonizing force inside Fortnite Chapter Three, season four, as it seeks to take over the island.

The teasers that were posted last Friday seem to confirm this, with all three showing this Chrome liquid taking over the surrounding environments. In one of the ads, fans see what happens when the liquid touches skin, turning the beauty guru’s arms into Chrome metal. In the other two, players can see it turn other materials like cereal or cherry tomatoes into metal as well.

In each of these teasers, players can see the Chrome liquid from the leaked image take over a person and different environments. It seems that once the liquid has been let out, it spreads on its own with no way of stopping it. Instead, the different people affected choose to run or look onward in horror.

An interesting detail about each of these ads is that each product is stressed as being organic. The beauty guru states the skin cream is organic, the curly-haired man’s milk says “100% PURE” on the carton, and the gardener states that her pesticide is organic as well. Wherever this liquid is coming from, it seems that it’s some form of natural source.

In the most recent Vibin’ quests, players were sent on a mission to look for the different members of the Seven who had gone missing. As it turns out, The Scientist was working in his lab analyzing a new substance that has begun appearing on the island. It’s then suggested that this could be the reason that some of the characters on the island have been disappearing.

While we don’t quite know the extent of its powers yet, it certainly seems that this Chrome is going to prove troublesome during the Fortnite Paradise season.