Venom and Black Panther are coming to Fortnite, according to data miners - Dot Esports

Venom and Black Panther are coming to Fortnite, according to data miners

The splash arts and abilities have been found.

Image via Epic Games

Two more Marvel characters are set to make their way into Fortnite following two leaked images of both Venom and Black Panther in the game files. 

Both characters have their own splash arts in the files, according to Fortnite data miner FortTory. One of the most iconic villains from the Spider-Man comics, Venom is set to wreak havoc on Fortnite while Black Panther could arrive to save the day alongside the rest of the superheroes. 

The Venom splash art looks similar to his modern comic book and theatrical counterpart, while Black Panther resembles the original comic book adaptation rather than the design featured in the Black Panther and Avengers movies. 

The Nova Corps, which is an intergalactic police force in the Marvel comics, could possibly be seen in the Black Panther splash art. In the bottom left corner, there are multiple soldiers soaring into the atmosphere with metallic-like armor. 

The Venom character will be available to play in Fortnite and he’ll have his own skin, according to leaker HYPEX

Venom and Black Panther will both receive cool new abilities, too. They’ll become deadly additions to Fortnite with Venom’s “Smash & Grab” ability alongside Black Panther’s “Kinetic Armor,” according to ShiinaBR

Fans will be able to get their hands on Venom and Black Panther in Fortnite soon, but their release dates haven’t been announced. These characters will have plenty to deal with once Marvel supervillain Galactus arrives in Fortnite.