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UFOs are appearing in Fortnite and abducting players

What will the new season bring?

Image via Epic Games

The next season of Fortnite is on the horizon, and as a result, UFOs have started to appear in the sky and are abducting players.

The new season, Chapter Two, season seven, will be centered around aliens, according to all the leaks and teases that are in the game now.

The aliens seem to be benevolent. Instead of performing weird experiments or damaging the player, they drop them somewhere else on the map, but with full health and shields.

The abductions appear to be happening near named locations, but there isn’t a public way to trigger the event yet.

Fortnite Chapter Two, season six follows the Zero Crisis Finale and the exploits of Agent Jones. As Agent Jones contained the Zero Point, a shockwave swept across the island, effectively deleting advanced technology and set the stage for the “Primal” season.

Fortnite has been known for its world-changing in-game events. The title effectively pioneered storytelling in battle royales by way of changing the map and setting a theme for each season. With each change comes new purchasable cosmetics, weapons, and balance changes, ensuring the game stays fresh over a long period of time.

Season six is set to end on June 7, according to Epic’s website. Season seven, which should be somewhat alien-related, could begin as early as June 8. Season six began with a solo mission, a first for Fortnite. There’s no indication that season seven will begin with a similar solo mission, but there’s always room for possibility in the ever-evolving world of Fortnite.