Tyler1 tries Fortnite and soon learns the harsh truth players have to deal with every day

The streamer got to star on a Truman Show spinoff.

Screengrab via Tyler1 on Twitch

Tyler1 has become a more versatile gamer over the years, and the streamer recently picked up Fortnite to keep up with the times, despite being slightly late to the party. As the veteran League player dominated his lobby with eight kills to his name, Tyler1’s chat led him into a secret that’s also a hot debate within the Fortnite community.

“KEKW ACTUAL BOTS,” Tyler1’s chat spammed. After reading the message, he verified this statement by standing still in front of an enemy player.

While Tyler1 stood his ground, a bot proceeded to miss almost all of its shots, and the harsh reality dawned upon one of the most competitive players on Twitch.

Tyler1 expressed his frustration by asking whether he would always play against bots or if he could play against real people at some point down the line. Bots have been a staple part of all battle royale games due to their steep learning curves.

Fortnite and many other titles match new players with bots at the start of their careers. This helps newcomers to enjoy the game at their own pace and protects them from the might of veteran players.

This measure can be annoying for players who’d like to challenge themselves from the get-go. A new account is generally required to play a few matches until Fortnite’s algorithm gains a decent idea of their skill level. Even then, the bots don’t completely disappear, not even from high-ranked lobbies.

What can look like a disheartening feature for lifelong gamers can also be a blessing in disguise for casual players. While some of us will be out there to compete, a decent number of players want to hop onto a match and have a fun time with their friends. Achieving this would be significantly challenging if they were to get taken out by the first player they see on the map.


Gökhan Çakır
Strategical Content Writer and Fortnite Lead for Dot Esports. Gökhan Çakır graduated as an industrial engineer in 2020 and has since applied his analytical and strategic thinking to many endeavors. As a natural-born gamer, he honed his skills to a professional level in Dota 2. Upon giving up on the Aegis of Champions in 2019, Gökhan started his writing career, covering all things gaming while his heart remains a lifetime defender of the Ancients.