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Tron item collection live in Fortnite

This likely isn't the End of Line for Fortnite crossovers.

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games is rolling out another crossover for Fortnite’s current season, as items based on the Tron franchise are now available in-game. 

The new “End of Line” Collection adds a handful of new cosmetics, including the iconic Light Cycle, Identity Disc, and multiple Light Suit looks from which to choose. 

You can now choose between multiple looks, including Cypher, Firewall, Proxy, Datapath, Packet, Bitstream, Commandline, Upload, Io, and Bandwidth when grabbing the Tron items. Each suit comes with the option to remove your helmet. 

Picking up the “End of Line” Collection will also get you a Light Cycle rideable Glider and a Pickaxe and Back Bling styled after the Identity Disc. 

Each Tron outfit goes for 1,500 V-Bucks individually, with the Light Cycle also being available for 800 V-Bucks. The Identity Disc items come with whatever outfit you end up purchasing. 

Fortnite Chapter 2 continues to be one big crossover event, and Tron is just the latest in a line of iconic characters and franchises to have cosmetics brought in from across the multiverse. Other recent additions include the Predator, Terminator, and multiple DC Comics skins like the Flash and Green Arrow.