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Tilted Towers returns to Fortnite

Welcome home.

Image via Epic Games

The iconic landmark Tilted Towers has made its long-awaited return to Fortnite after more than two years, as part of the Jan. 18 update.

The snow on the Chapter Three island has melted, revealing Tilted Towers in all its glory, located in the center of the map.

“Build to the top of its iconic clock tower, bust into apartments, stop by restaurants, battle it out in the underground parking garage, storm No Sweat Insurance’s office, and more on your urban excursion,” Epic Games said in a blog post today.

Tilted Towers was last seen in the game back in 2019, after it was originally introduced way back in Season Two at the beginning of 2018 during the battle royale map’s first major update in Patch 2.2.0. The landmark quickly became a hotspot for some of the game’s most competitive players, with a plethora of chests, rooms, floor loot, and high-rise buildings.

Tilted Towers was officially removed when it was destroyed by a volcano in May 2019. It spiritually lived on with different versions of itself over the next year in a half, however. A sleeker version in Neo Tilted initially replaced it before a rift beacon turned it into an old Western version of Tilted Towers called Tilted Town. Another rift turned that town into Gotham City, which eventually was sucked into the void during The End.