Thor's hammer crash-landed on the Fortnite map, creating a massive crater: Where to find Thor's hammer in Fortnite - Dot Esports

Thor’s hammer crash-landed on the Fortnite map, creating a massive crater

Mjölnir is here.

Image via Epic Games

Thor is coming to Fortnite, but his hammer has arrived first—and it created a crater that’s eerily reminiscent to fans of Marvel movies.

Mjölnir, Thor’s mighty, thunder-powered hammer that can only be wielded by those deemed worthy, has fallen from the sky and created a big crater outside of Salty Springs.

Screengrab via Epic Games

The crater and hammer appeared in-game shortly after a new set of comic pages were added to Fortnite. The comic is telling the story of Thor and Galactus in an intro to the new season, which begins in just a few days.

In the new panels, Thor fought with some Fortnite characters but suddenly became weak and dropped the hammer from high in the sky. The impact of the magical weapon has left its mark.

With just a few days left before the new season, there’s still time for more comic pages that tell the story of what’s to come. Leaks have shown that multiple Marvel heroes will be added to the game, including Thor and Wolverine.

Season four of Fortnite Chapter Two is scheduled to begin this Thursday, Aug. 27.