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There’s an alarm going off every minute near Fortnite’s rocket

There's an alarm going off every minute at the rocket at Dusty Depot.

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games has sounded the alarm in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

A loud noise is coming from the rocket at Dusty Depot every minute, complete with red warning lights around the top of the aircraft. The screens at the base of the rocket have also changed, according to some players.

The purple and black rocket in Dusty Depot began blasting an alarm throughout the map earlier today. The standard warning alarm sound can be heard across the map, although it’s faint if you’re farther away.

Last week, a countdown appeared over the nose of the rocket. The countdown is set to end on Oct. 13 at 1pm CT. Fortnite season X is coming to a close and fans are expecting another live event, called The End, when the countdown hits zero.

With over two days remaining until the start of the next live event, Epic Games has plenty of time to catch the attention of more Fortnite players with this alarm.