The Floor is Lava LTM might be returning to Fortnite soon | Dot Esports

The Floor is Lava LTM might be returning to Fortnite soon

Get ready to avoid the lava.

Image via Epic Games

The Floor is Lava limited-time mode could be set to come back to Fortnite soon, according to a recent leak.

Fortnite data miner ShiinaBR posted an image for the Floor is Lava LTM today that was recently added to the API, which indicates the mode is likely coming back in the next few days. The LTM appeared in Fortnite previously and was a fun mode that required players to avoid the rising lava while they fought other teams. 

Players earned materials as they survived, which allowed them to build structures to avoid the lava continuously. Most buildings and structures were covered in lava by the end of the game and players were forced to rely on their own structures. 

A popular tactic was to shoot other players’ structures to make them fall into the lava with little hope of escape. The lava dealt direct damage to a player's health and having to deal with other people while trying to avoid the lava was a challenge. 

It's unclear when the mode will be added to Fortnite or if it's planned to come back at a later time. The team sizes also haven't been revealed for the LTM. Many players enjoyed the mode the last time it was available and will be happy to play regardless of the team size. 

Epic hasn't officially announced the return of the Floor is Lava LTM, but fans will likely receive more details soon.