The 10 rarest pickaxes in Fortnite

Some will not be available ever again.

Image via Epic Games

The introduction of the building is the most significant factor that made Fortnite stand out among its competitors in the battle royale space. The idea of being able to build structures to barricade yourself or strategically travel the map served as a feature that drew a lot of interested players to the game. The pickaxe is one of the most essential mechanics inside Fortnite for that reason.

Since the pickaxes are displayed prominently in the game, it’s no wonder the developers have released an expansive range of different skins to modify the look of the player’s pickaxe. These skins can be found inside the store or acquired through challenges. However, some of these skins are no longer available and may never be available again.

Here are the rarest pickaxes in Fortnite.

Rarest pickaxes in Fortnite

Honorable mentions


Fortnite pickaxe appearing like a scythe
Screengrab via Epic Games

Being one of the first rare skins in the game, the Reaper was thought of by many as the rarest. Since the demand for the skin ramped up, it has appeared in the store several times, becoming more common with every release. The skin is very simple, turning the player’s pickaxe into a scythe. Due to this simplicity, not many players purchased it upon its initial release, which contributed to its rarity.

Minty Axe

a Fortnite pickaxe looking like a cancy cane wrapped in christmas lights with a bright green light at the top
Screengrab via Epic Games

Another incredibly rare skin upon release, the Minty Pickaxe, has lost its scarcity since it was made available to anyone who purchased V-Bucks from a physical store. It looks very similar to the Candy Axe with its unique green glow.

10) Pot o’ Gold

a Fortnite pickaxe that is fully green with gold wrappings and a clover at the top with a pot of gold to the left
Screengrab via Epic Games

Released on March 16, 2018, this skin was available for purchase for a limited time in the store at the price of 1,200 V-Bucks. The skin would turn your pickaxe into a three-leaf clover with a floating pot of gold at the rainbow’s end. This St. Patrick’s Day-inspired skin belongs to the Green Clover Set.

9) AC/DC

A Fortnite pickaxe that appears to be pure steel with a swirl in the center and two cattle prod like ends with a electricity coursing through them
Screengrab via Epic Games

The AC/DC pickaxe skin was only available as a battle pass reward from Chapter One, season two. Players had to reach tier 63 of the battle pass to unlock the reward. This skin turns the player’s pickaxe into a forking rod, connecting the two ends by an electrical current. This skin does not belong to its own specific set.

8) Crowbar

a Fortnite pickaxe that appears to be a steel crow bar
Screengrab via Epic Games

The Crowbar was available to players who completed a series of challenges inside The Getaway game mode. Players had to compete in 10 matches of The Getaway, deal 500 damage to jewel-carrying opponents, and pick up a jewel in five matches. Due to The Getaway mode not always being available, getting a hold of the crowbar can be difficult.

7) Trusty No. 2

a fortnite pickaxe thatis metallic and black with a pencil held in place poking out on the right
Image via Epic games

Trusty No. 2 was introduced back in Chapter 1, Season 3. Players would have to reach Level 20 of the Battle Pass. Trusty No. 2 gets its name from the fact that a pencil is held in place in the top position. Trusty No. 2 was last seen on Feb. 22, 2018.

6) Stealth Angular Axe

A black and red metallic fortnite pickaxe with red tips on the sharp ends
Image via Epic Games

In 2018, players could acquire a similar pickaxe and other promotional cosmetics if they had also purchased an NVIDIA graphics card. Later on, Epic Games put it up for sale in the Item Shop, but to not cheat out those who bought the expensive graphics cards, the stealth angular axe was introduced in 2019 reintroducing the previous exclusivity of also having to purchase a NVIDIA graphics card.

5) Pointer

a blue and orange Fortnite pickaxe with an orange pointer arrow at the top
Screengrab via Epic Games

This simple promotional skin that turns the player’s pickaxe into an arrow was available exclusively to players in China. There is no way to acquire the skin outside the country, so this skin is one of the rarest in the game today.

4) Power Grip

a black and orange Fortnite pickaxe with a tool like pincher at the top
Screengrab via Epic Games

Another Chinese exclusive, the Power Grip, turns the player’s pickaxe into an industrial gripping tool painted yellow and orange. Like the Pointer, this skin is extremely rare because it is unavailable outside of China.

3) Raiders Revenge

a Fortnite fire axe pickaxe with a pickaxe like top barbed wired to the top
Screengrab via Epic Games

Raider’s Revenge is an item from very early in the game’s lifetime. Raiders Revenge is one of the rarest skins in Fortnite. The pickaxe was only available from the season shop after achieving level 35 in the game’s first season. The first season had minimal cosmetics, so this rare pickaxe shares that rarity. The pickaxe looks like an ax with a pickaxe blade screwed into the top covered in barbed wire. The skin is part of the Storm Scavenger set. Raider’s Revenge was last seen on December 13, 2017.

2) Permafrost

a Fortnite pickaxe built out of steel with an iced over end
Screengrab via Epic Games

Part of the Harbinger set, Permafrost was only available to players who reached battle pass level 100 and completed the Ragnarok Challenges to unlock stage four of Ragnarok during season five. The medieval-looking pickaxe is partially encased in ice and said to be chiseled from glacial ice. Due to the conditions it would take to unlock, Permafrost is one of the rarest skins in the game.

1) FNCS Axe Of Champions

a golden Fortnite pickaxe symbolizing those who won a championship series
Screengrab via Epic Games

The rarest pickaxe skin in Fortnite is The FNCS Axe of Champions, a skin that is exclusively available to those who won the Fortnite Championship Series. Even with that prerequisite, it gets rarer because you must be the current champion to hold it. Once another player dethrones you, you will lose access to this one-of-a-kind skin, so only one person can own it at a time. The pickaxe itself is gold with the FNCS logo on the top.

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