Tfue rages about the removal of Fortnite's traps in profanity-laced tirade | Dot Esports

Tfue rages about the removal of Fortnite’s traps in profanity-laced tirade

Tfue is mad.

Screengrab via Tfue

One of Fortnite’s biggest stars has once again torn into the game, complaining loudly about the decision to remove traps. Tfue isn’t happy and he expressed as much on his stream this morning.

Tfue has previously expressed his ire about traps being gone since players can now play more aggressively inside of builds without having to worry about being chipped away by a spike trap. This time, he was very angry.

“Bro, like, the worst thing that Fortnite has ever done, ever bro, I’m talking about fucking literally planes, fuckin’, whatever the fuck there could be, the worst thing they’ve ever done to the game is removing traps,” Tfue said after placing 44th in an Arena game.

“I don’t give a fuck if they nerf them down to 100 damage, it was the worst decision they’ve ever fucking done, ever,” Tfue continued. “Personally, that’s what I feel. Because fucking braindead motherfuckers kill me so god damn often now. It is ridiculous.”

But the top-tier gamer wasn’t done there. He soon returned from a short break to see his chat disagreeing with him and Tfue laced into his viewership as well.

“Traps were terrible for the game? Why?” Tfue said as he dropped into another match. “They literally prevented dumb ass kids from jumping in your box. It’s literally the meta nowadays, braindead people just jump in boxes. It’s like the fucking meta or something. God, this game has gotten so fucking cringe, holy fuck. Oh, this game used to be much fun.”

With as much influence as someone like Tfue has, you have to wonder if Epic Games will listen and bring traps back. Or the company won’t and players like Tfue and others will just need to adjust to the new meta.