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Tfue combines a Shockwave Grenade and the Quad Launcher for an impressive play

A clean play that seemed too easy for Tfue.

Image via Epic Games

Turner “Tfue” Tenney might have failed to qualify for the Fortnite Winter Royale finals, but that was just a misstep for a player who can still make unbelievable plays in his Fortnite: Battle Royale matches.

Tfue won a Fortnite match last night with an impressive combination of the Shockwave Grenade with a perfectly aimed missile from a Quad Launcher. He shared the clip of this game-winning play on his social media.

The clip shows there are two opponents alive. Tfue has the high ground over another player. He spots them building and easily takes the first one down with two missiles and some Assault Rifle shots. Tfue reloads his guns while recovering health with the rest of his Cozy Campfire. But he then hears footsteps and building sounds close to him.

Tfue sees the storm is also approaching the area where he’s standing. He uses a Shockwave Grenade on his feet, launching himself high and far enough to spot the last player above him. Tfue shoots a missile from his Quad Launcher in mid-air, aiming for the floor his opponent was standing on.

The missile hits both the area his opponent was on and the metal floor they were building to keep moving. The explosion destroys both structures, and since there are no other ones near Tfue’s opponent, they are unable to build, and fall to their death. Tfue can see his opponent falling, and he gets the elimination and the Victory Royale when he touches the ground.

Tfue acts like this was a normal and natural play. He keeps calm and barely expresses how he feels about that game-winning missile. Then he just tries to recap how much damage he took that match, completely ignoring what he just accomplished.

It must be awesome to be so good at a game that this kind of play starts feeling natural.

But this scenario isn’t common in Fortnite, so seeing someone hitting that shot is impressive. Tfue still needs some of that luck and quick reflexes in upcoming tournaments, but he seems ready to take down more opponents in future Fortnite events.