SypherPK Icon skin and tournament finally revealed

It also has a more casual alt style

A promotional image from Fortnite showing SypherPK's skin with an oni shoulderpiece and energy flowing throughout the left arm
Image via Epic Games

SypherPK is one of the most popular content creators in Fortnite, posting a few weekly videos on his YouTube channel to over a million and a half subscribers. The content creator has been a big part of the Fortnite community for years, so he should be getting his own Icon skin. Now, SypherPK has revealed the skin and free cosmetics available on Sept. 22.

The content creator revealed his collaboration earlier this week, and now he’s shown what it looks like. The Outfit is a Japanese Oni-inspired look that features a robotic left arm with energy pulsing through it. The back bling is an Oni’s mask made out of the same energy and a sword that glows with flames. There’s also an emote that lets the character point to the side.

The skin isn’t the only thing coming as part of SypherPK’s collaboration with Epic Games. A SypherPK Cup will allow players to earn an animated Oni emoticon. There will also be a Creative map that will reward players with a Spray and Weapon Wrap, likely for completing certain quests. The map will be a Pit where players drop in and try to do as much damage as possible.

As if that wasn’t enough, players can earn an animated weapon wrap called Dark Dragon by watching SypherPK on Twitch for at least an hour. You’ll likely need to connect your Epic Games account with Twitch to get this drop. Players will only have to wait until this Thursday to get their hands on the biggest Icon collaboration so far.