What skin has the most edit styles in Fortnite?

Your customization options for this character are boundless.

Three Fortnite characters holding guns and running.
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One of the staples of Fortnite has been the ability to play as an ever-increasing group of characters that the player identifies with. Epic Games evolves on this by allowing players the opportunity to customize skins with different edit styles to truly show off how unique that specific player is. This has left many people wondering what the skin with the most edit styles in the game is.

There are skins with many edit styles, like the Goalbound set, with 3,200 styles, or the Fourth Down set, with 3,700 styles. All that pales in comparison to the Boundless superhero set, which has near limitless combinations. With the ability to customize nearly anything on their superhero, players can truly create someone that represents themself in the game.


Superhero shown with edit options next to them
Screenshot via Epic Games

The Boundless set allows the player to create their own superhero in Fortnite. The outfits come in several different faces that the player can buy, with each having the same amount of customization options. Players have the option to customize the hair, mask, and pattern just for starters. Players can also choose the material their costume is made out of as well as the color.

A superhero stands next to customization options
Screenshot via Epic Games

The most comprehensive part of the Boundless costumes is that players can use whatever emoticon they have as an icon on the chest and back, as well as a spotlight ability that projects the emoticon ahead of the character. There are near limitless options for this ability and customization option, given that Fortnite is constantly being updated with new emoticons.

Honorable Mentions

While these other styles might not have the customization options of Boundless, they still offer players a lot of choice in how they choose to rep their characters and teams.

Gridiron Gang

Three football players stand, each in either a red, blue, or white jersey
Image via Epic Games

An evolution on the Fourth Down set, players have the option to customize these NFL jerseys with their favorite team’s insignia. In addition to adding some flair to the outfit, this will also adjust the colors on the jerseys. Players also have the choice to pick a number between 0 and 99 to rep their favorite player in the game.

Goalbound Set

One soccer player blows a horn while others celebrate in the background
Image via Fortnite Intel

This soccer-based set allowed players to rep their favorite teams during the 2018 World Cup and continues to pop up every now and again. Like the Gridiron set, players can choose a number between 0 and 99, and their favorite country will designate what colors appear on the jersey.

As Fortnite is always adding new cosmetics, there’s no telling when the next most customizable Outfit will release.


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