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Siege Cannon locations in Fortnite Chapter 3, season 2

With no building, Siege Cannons are the perfect way to quickly escape from battle.

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Siege Cannons are the perfect way to quickly join or escape battles in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2 — but first you have to find them out on the battle royale island.

These mounted weapons first appeared in Fortnite Season 8, but they’re back and now scattered around the island so you can find plenty to use. When fired from the cannon, players will be sent 150 meters in their chosen direction.

As you’d expect, there are plenty of uses for this, but also you’ll need to use them if you want to complete all of the season’s challenges. Whatever the reason, the first step to taking advantage of these cannons is to find out where they are. Here are all of the locations where you can currently find Seige Cannons.

Siege Cannon locations in Fortnite Chapter 3

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There are several Seige Cannons that you can find around Fortnite’s island in the latest season. The main canons can be found on all of the blimps around the map.

Blimps, also referred to as IO Airships are flying aircraft that can be seen in the skies of Command Cavern, The Daily Bugle, Coney Crossroads, Tilted Towers, Rocky Reels, and Condo Canyon.

There are other Seige Cannons around the map that can be located in different IO-controlled locations so keep an eye out on the ground for them also.

To use the Siege Cannon you’ll need to interact with the weapon. Upon doing so you’ll be loaded it and can be fired off into the distance without any fear of fall damage.

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