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PlayStation Store image leaks Fortnite Season 6 outfits and pets

Dogs, llamas, cowgirls. What's not to like?

The PlayStation Store momentarily released an image showing off several Fortnite season six outfits and pets, according to Fortnite INTEL.

The image, which is no longer public on the PS Store but was apparently verified by Fortnite INTEL, displayed three outfits and two pets. Two of the three outfits were shown in the teaser images over the last few days, but the pets’ models had not been seen yet. Pets were found in the game files weeks ago, but it was unclear how they would factor into the game.

Image via Epic Games

The pets appear to be an inflatable pink llama and a dog, one that somewhat resembles Scooby-Doo. While the llama is being sat on by a player, the dog seems to be on another character’s back.

Centered in the image is the cowgirl outfit that was featured in the second teaser image Tuesday. Her outfit is primarily black with purple accents, while the robot llama DJ outfit that was shown in the first teaser on Monday appears to have a teal jacket and colorful pants.

Similarly to this situation with PlayStation, it was Xbox who leaked some of last season’s skins too early after updating its Fortnite game image several hours before season five officially kicked off.

Season six of Fortnite: Battle Royale begins on Thursday, Sept. 26.

H/T Fortnite INTEL