Nintendo Switch Fortnite players won’t be able to be in the same matchmaking pool with Xbox One and PS4 users after the latest update

Switch users are "mobile" now.

Image via Nintendo

Any Fortnite: Battle Royale players who are currently seeking a victory royale on Nintendo Switch will be very interested in some changes coming to the platform after the recent 8.10 update.

The community discovered in the patch notes that players on Switch will no longer be matched up against Xbox One and PS4 users moving forward and will instead face off against mobile and tablet users instead.

Epic Games have not turned off cross play, however, and can still play with Xbox One and PS4 players through cross-party play, they just won’t be matched with other console players in matchmaking.

On one hand, this is a major blow for those solo players that want to play against other games on Xbox One and PS4 in the matchmaking pool, but on the other hand, Switch owners should have a relatively higher chance of getting a battle royale win when they go up against mobile users who can’t even use physical buttons to play, instead having to rely on touch controls.

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