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Ninja uses proximity mines in Fortnite against camper

Players have a new way to flush out campers.

Screengrab via Ninja

Fortnite players have already discovered fun and unique ways to use the game’s newest item, proximity mines.

The mines, which were introduced today as part of the v12.10 patch, explode when an enemy is near and deals 50 damage. Damaged players are also marked for a brief period, which allows them to be seen through walls, something that helped Ninja in a game today.

When fighting a player that was hiding in a two-story building, Ninja threw two proximity mines through a window, damaging the player and the surrounding barriers. Marked by the blast, the player was rather easy prey for Ninja, who broke through the damaged ceiling and swiftly eliminated them.

Proximity mines provide players a lot of opportunities to pull off exciting plays. The mines can be shot, which launches them in the air and then shot again in the air. When they are shot the second time the mine will launch in the same direction which turns them into an offensive weapon.

The mines can also be used as a defense to alert players when they are being pushed and to eliminate players hiding or behind an object. The item has been in Fortnite for less than a day, so more exciting uses for the item will be discovered as the season progresses.