Ninja, Myth, and others to play Fortnite Winter Royale NA semifinals today - Dot Esports

Ninja, Myth, and others to play Fortnite Winter Royale NA semifinals today

Only 100 players will move on to tomorrow's Grand Finals.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite’s Winter Royale semifinals start today in North America. Two hundred players will fight for the 100 spots in tomorrow’s Grand Finals, when they’ll be able to grab a part of the $500,000 prize pool.

The semifinals start today at 2pm CT. Fortnite personalities such as Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, Ali “Myth” Kabbani, and Ryan “Chap” Chaplo will compete in it.

Players are split in two groups of 100 players, called heats. The 50 players with the best score in each heat will move on to the Grand Finals. The scoring system is the same as previous Winter Royale stages, in which players can score by getting eliminations, finishing in top 10, top three, or getting the Victory Royale, and getting bonus points for each player they eliminate after the seventh elimination.

Players in both heats will play five matches today.

The scoring system will allow players to explore multiple strategies, and if they execute these strategies well only once, it might be enough to qualify for the Grand Finals. In the European Winter Royale semis on Nov. 30, some players who scored only one point moved on to the Grand Finals due to the tiebreaking criteria. All players with two points or more qualified.

That means a player can succeed with an aggressive play style in the early game. Grabbing three kills would be enough to score one point, and five kills are enough to score two and almost guarantee qualification.

Players with a passive play style can also get their point for top 10, but the European Winter Royale showed that it won’t be that easy. It’s normal to have 30 to 40 players alive in the last few Storm circles and reaching top 10 only if you survive until the very end of the game.

Regardless of their method, only the top 50 players of each heat will qualify for the Grand Finals tomorrow. Fans can watch the North American Winter Royale event live on Twitch in Fortnite’s official channel.