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Ninja and Myth were eliminated from the Winter Royale

Neither player scored a point in the semifinals.

Photo via Red Bull

Two of the biggest names in Fortnite: Battle Royale have been eliminated from this week’s Winter Royale event.

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Ali “Myth” Kabbani have both been knocked out of the Winter Royale in the semifinals with zero points. Needing to finish within the top 50 to make it to tomorrow’s grand finals, the streamers finished in a tie for 52nd, just missing the cut.

Ninja qualified for the semifinals through the in-game qualifier, in which he won three games and scored 29 points in 18 games. Myth won three games and scored 29 points as well, but he did so in just 11 games.

In the semifinals, points could be earned via placements or eliminations. Players would receive one point for a top 10 finish, and another point if they could get three eliminations in a single game. Two points were awarded for five or six-kill games, as well as a top three placing. A Victory Royale or a seven-kill game would earn players three points each.

There were several other notable players that were eliminated along with Ninja and Myth. Team Liquid’s Jake “Poach” Brumleve, as well as Timothy “Bizzle” Miller, finished outside the top 50 in the first semifinals heat after failing to score any points.

While several high-profile professional players failed to move on to the grand finals, former Heroes of the Storm player Harrison “Psalm” Chang scored 17 points in the first heat. Almost exclusively using the new Infinity Blade, the first Mythic-class weapon in Fortnite, Psalm eliminated 12 players in a single game, earning nine total points in the process.

The second Winter Royale semifinals heat is underway, and it will determine the final 50 participants in tomorrow’s $500,000 grand finals.