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New Fortnite Chapter 2, season one map reportedly revealed

A previously-disregarded image might actually be the new map.

Image via Epic Games

Following a day of confusion after the destruction of the old Fortnite map, new information found by data miners shows what the new map could look like when Fortnite Chapter Two finally launches. 

The overall structure of the map doesn’t look too different from the one fans said goodbye to on Sunday. But there’s a heavier focus on water connecting points between locations, which will allow the new boats to speed up travel. There’s an area to the upper left that’s almost completely surrounded by open water, along with a single island in the center within a moat. 

Several locations, like Salty Springs and Pleasant Park, are reportedly returning, which means that they somehow survived being sucked into a black hole. But they appear to be in vastly different areas on the new potential map compared to the original. 

Screengrab via Epic Games

With all the new mechanics, animations, and other changes that have yet to be shown, it looks like Fortnite will become a more dynamic game. This potential map changes just enough to help implement the new gameplay elements and step away from the older model without completely dropping everything that the original had. 

The layout of the potential map and the image being shared haven’t been confirmed by Epic Games yet, but all of the information was found in the same area as the recently leaked trailer for the season one battle pass.

It’s still unclear when Fortnite Chapter Two will launch, but more information is slowly being released while the game remains offline.