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MrSavage’s Fortnite settings and keybinds

Learn from one of the most consistent competitors in Fortnite.

Screengrab via 100 Thieves

Martin “MrSavage” Foss Anderson is a competitive Fortnite player from Norway. He created his YouTube channel soon after Fortnite’s release in 2017 and saw his channel take off in 2019. 

Saying 2019 was the year of MrSavage wouldn’t be an overstatement. He qualified for Fortnite’s World Cup four times and scored a top-30 finish in both Solos and Duos, which was nothing but impressive. He competed in many other offline and online events other than the World Cup, which netted him $185,378 from tournaments only.

Now playing for 100 Thieves, MrSavage is one of the most consistent performers in Fortnite. Copying his settings can be a great idea to optimize your layout. Remember that most of these settings can also be personal preference, meaning you can tune them to your liking to make it just right for you.

MrSavage’s video settings

Though Fortnite looks beautiful at the highest graphics settings, your system may struggle to keep up high frame rates. MrSavage sets every visual setting to its minimum value except his View Distance. Keeping View Distance on Epic allows MrSavage to spot pieces of loot and llamas from a longer range. 

  • Windowed Mode: Fullscreen
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Frame Rate Limit: 240 FPS
  • Brightness: 100 percent
  • Color Blind Mode / Strength: Off
  • Interface Contrast: 1x 
  • View Distance: Epic
  • Anti-Aliasing: Off
  • Textures: Low
  • Post Processing: Low
  • Effects: Low
  • Shadows: Off
  • VSync: Off
  • Motion Blur: Off
  • Allow Multithreaded Rendering: On

MrSavage’s mouse settings

  • DPI: 1450
  • X-Axis Sensitivity: 8.1 percent
  • Y-Axis Sensitivity: 8.1 percent
  • Polling Rate: 1000 Hz
  • Targeting Sensitivity: 70.0 percent
  • Scope Sensitivity: 95.0 percent

MrSavage’s keybinds

The keybinds of MrSavage gives the impression that he prioritizes having most of his vital building keybinds close to his index finger. He doesn’t use any mouse buttons, and the rest of his settings look relatively similar to the default configuration with minor adjustments.

  • Wall: F
  • Floor: G
  • Stairs: T
  • Roof: Left Shift
  • Trap: F5
  • Use: E
  • Crouch: Left Ctrl
  • Inventory: Tab
  • Map: M
  • Reload / Rotate Building Piece: Y
  • Building Edit: R
  • Confirm Edit on Release: Off
  • Harvesting Tool: 1
  • Weapon Slot 1: 2
  • Weapon Slot 2: 3
  • Weapon Slot 3: 4
  • Weapon Slot 4: 5
  • Weapon Slot 5: 6
  • HUD Scale: 95 percent
  • Sprint by Default: On