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Is the MK-7 unvaulted in Fortnite Chapter 3 season 2?

Test the weapons and choose your favorite.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite has an enormous arsenal at players’ disposal. Each season, the developers vault or unvault guns to shake up the existing meta. They also new guns to test the players’ ability to quickly adapt and use them effectively on the battlefields.

Last season, the game introduced the first weapon attachment with the MK-Seven assault rifle and it became a weapon of choice for many players. Moving into the current meta, the MK-Seven has been vaulted and the options for assault rifles range from Thermal Assault rifle to Striker Burst rifle. 

However, the Fortnite community desperately wanted the MK-Seven to be back in the game and the developers announced a showdown between the weapon and the reworked Combat Assault rifle. The winning weapon will return to the game for the remainder of the season.

As a result, both weapons are unvaulted and available to use in public matches and Arenas to give players a feel of these weapons before they can vote for either option. Players will have until April 4, 2022, at 10:59 PM CT to try these weapons. After the trial period ends, players can donate their bars at Donation Boards to fully fund their weapon of choice. 

After any of the two weapons reaches 100 percent of funds, it will enter the loot pool for this season. While the MK-Seven comes with a higher rate of fire and recoil, the combat AR offers a higher damage number to melt the enemies. Its recoil is also weaker than the Combat AR, making it easier to aim.

Players might feel a bit nostalgic to bring The MK-Seven, The Foundation’s weapon of choice, back to the game. However, the hard-hitting Combat AR could also be a good choice.

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