Is Deku from My Hero Academia in Fortnite?

All-Might's successor may be here before you know it.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Fortnite has become monumental when it comes to crossovers, thanks to Epic Games’ business abilities and a seemingly endless supply of potential collaborations. Shown in the launch trailer for the Chapter, players got a look at Geralt, Doomslayer, and the surprise appearance of Deku from My Hero Academia. Because of his appearance in the trailer, many want to know if he’s in the game.

Izuku Midoriya, known by his superhero alias Deku, is one of the most hopeful and optimistic characters anime has seen in a while. Here’s all the information you need to know about whether or not Deku is in or coming to Fortnite in the future.

When is Izuku Midoriya coming to Fortnite?

While he’s not in the game as of writing, fans have every reason to expect him in the near future. On Dec. 4, Epic unveiled this season’s launch trailer, which showed everything currently in or coming during this season of the game. At the end of the clip, players will see Deku charging up his One-for-All ability before decimating a distant building.

Because of this, players can likely expect Izuku to come to the game before this season ends. What’s more, is that it seems like he will be coming alongside a new Mythic weapon that’s based on his powers in the show. While nothing is confirmed, this could show the potential for another Dragon Ball-style collab featuring the cast of My Hero Academia.

It would be a strange addition to just put in Deku and a Mythic by themselves, so it seems much more likely that this will be a full-on collab similar to Dragon Ball. Nothing has been confirmed but the appearance of Izuku Midoriya in the trailer means that players will see him in the game before long.