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Infinity Blade is seen in Fortnite a day after being vaulted

This should be an accident.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite: Battle Royale players saw the Mythic sword Infinity Blade in matches more than a day after developer Epic Games removed it from the game.

Streamer Quemzi saw a kill by an Infinity Blade in his feed during a match on Dec. 15 at late night. The blade had been vaulted and removed from the game for over 36 hours when this happened. A montage published on Reddit shows the blade clips.

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The video shows Quemzi being eliminated by a sniper shot, but he complains about an Infinity Blade. He spectates the match until he finds the player with the Infinity Blade, named FaZe CloakTV. That player was trying to impersonate professional player Dennis “Cloak” Lepore, whose nickname is FaZe cLoak.

This copycat was wielding the overpowered Infinity Blade with all its destructive abilities and defensive passives, as it used to be before the removal. He’s sprayed down by an opponent, who gets the blade and drops it inside the storm to make sure it’s inaccessible.

Other players said they also saw the blade since its removal. While Quemzi saw it on the PC, other players saw it on Xbox One, showing this is not console-specific. Most players only saw it once since then, never consistently. This is likely an exploit of a glitch or bug, as Quemzi was unable to see where the Cloak copycat found the blade while watching a replay of that match.

The replay Quemzi opens shows the date Dec. 15 at 11:51 pm, proving it to be a replay from over a day after the removal. Although Quemzi finds the copycat with the blade in mid-game, he is unable to track the player back to where and when he found it.

Fortnite developer Epic Games removed the Infinity Blade from the game on Dec. 14 around 12 pm CT.

Epic Games told Dot Esports that it’s looking into this issue now, but that the intention is for it to stay unavailable in all game modes.

Update Dec. 17 at 9:13 am CT: Added Epic Games’ reply to our request for comment on the issue.