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If you want to play the Fortnite Alpha Tournament like Tfue, don’t win

If you want to grind the most points you can, this might be the best way.

Image via Epic Games

Some Fortnite pros are dominating the new in-game event Alpha Tournament in a different way.

Professional players like Turner “Tfue” Tenney are leaving their Alpha Tournament matches as soon as they get seven eliminations instead of going for a Victory Royale or a top 10 or better placement.

These players are generally going for the most points they can get in a single session, no matter how they need to play their matches to do so. They are jumping off the Battle Bus as soon as they can and are landing in a named location packed with opponents. If they are lucky, they will find decent loot that is enough to grab some early game kills and elimination points.

If they can guarantee half the possible points of a match with seven eliminations in about 10 minutes, they think it is probably already worth it to die and join a new match instead of going for a Victory Royale.

They then die and start a new match because it’s apparently the fastest and easiest way of gathering points in a session. Players get one point at three eliminations, another at five, and the last one at seven. This is half the points anyone can possible get in a single Alpha Tournament match. The other three are reaching Top 10, Top 3, and getting a Victory Royale.

Since getting a Victory Royale is worth the same number of points as getting three eliminations but is much harder to achieve, these players prefer to just focus on eliminations and forget about winning. The game gets harder when fewer players are alive, since mostly the best players remain. Since the Alpha Tournament matchmaking also matches you with players around the same number of points you have in that session, getting to Top 10, 3, and getting a Victory Royale will become increasingly difficult and will probably take longer than getting early game eliminations.

This seems to be the fastest way to grind points in the Alpha Tournament, which is a Solo mode. Players will be able to find out if that is still true in Duos and Squad tournaments.

That might not be the most entertaining way of playing the Alpha Tournament, but it will ensure you get the most points in the shortest time possible. If you do not care about the pins or the perfect grind, just go for a glorious Victory Royale like Tyler “Ninja” Blevins does.