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How to Use the Sensor Backpack To Find Energy Fluctuation in Fortnite

The Seven are in big trouble.

Image via Epic Games.

The week 8 Resistance quests in Fortnite Chapter Three season two have arrived, and the last challenge in the bunch is giving trouble to plenty of players. The quest has three main stages where the first one is relatively easy to complete. Players have to visit the point of interest, such as Synapse Station or the west of Greasy Grove, to establish the device uplink for this challenge. Players should find white question marks near the spots where they can start the quest. 

After completing the first stage, players will hear the Origin’s words. He talks about the Paradigm’s message, and asks the looper to pick up the Sensor Backpack from any of the two locations on the map below and complete the second stage of the challenge. Players need to go to any of these locations and pick up the orange-colored Sensor Backpack, before making their way towards Loot Lake, located to the north of Titled Towers.

Screengrab via Fortnite

After equipping the Sensor Backpack, players should notice their Back Bling has been replaced by the orange backpack, and they should continuously hear a beeping sound. It can be daunting to find the exact spot of the Energy Fluctuation in Fortnite, so players should move towards a site located on the southern side of The Fortress. After crossing the river, players should spot two giant rocks, and in the center of that, a yellow energy fluctuation can be deteceted. 

Screengrab via Fortnite

There are other places where players can detect energy fluctuations as well, such as the place between the trees located northeast of Tilted Towers. Players should notice the occasional beeping of their backpack going faster when they are about to reach the location. After detecting the Energy Fluctuation, players will receive 23,000 XP to complete their battle pass. 

Players should keep in mind that if someone dies after equipping the backpack, they need to restart the mission by equipping it again in the next match and going to the Energy Fluctuation spots. Grabbing a couple weapons and keeping watch for enemies will be important for players dropping in for this quest, so they can avoid needing to find Energy Fluctuation locations all over again.