How to use a Tent in Fortnite Chapter 3

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Tents are the new evolution of the Campfire in Fortnite, allowing players to regenerate health. Unlike the Campfire, though, Tents in Chapter Three can do far more than just heal players.

In a post detailing the new features of Chapter Three, Epic Games noted that Tents can be carried and moved around the map. Along with going inside them to heal up, players can store up to three items, but the storing of items isn’t limited to the match you’re playing.

Tent storage will make it so that you can nab items from a Tent if you find one in a future match. The first two item storage slots are free, but the third item will require you to spend Bars to unlock. If you’re teaming up with your friends, other players in your group will also be able to use the Tent that you throw down, only adding to the utility that the item has in Duos, Trios, and Squad matches.

Using a Tent is as simple as pressing whatever keybind you have for interacting with it. Once you’ve thrown it down, you have the option to “Manage Storage” or “Rest.” By resting, you will open the door to the tent and go inside it. Once you’re inside, your health (not shield) will begin to regenerate. 

While in the Tent, you can press the same button again to stop resting, or you can click another keybind to manage your storage. In the Manage Storage tab, you can select “Pack Tent.” Doing so will turn the tent into a compact item you can carry around in your inventory until you find a new spot that you want to claim as your campsite.


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