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How to “Throw different shield items and healing items” in Fortnite Chapter 2, season 2

Lob 'em all.

Image via Epic Games

Did you know you can now throw healing items in Fortnite? Well, you can, and it happens to be a challenge today in Fortnite Chapter Two, season two as well.

The challenge, which asks you to throw at least three different shield or healing items, is easy to complete as long as you get lucky in finding the items you need.

First, you need to have something different to throw to complete the challenge. You can’t throw the same item three times, so be sure to find a Small Potion, Large Potion, Bandages, or Med Kit and throw each of them to finish the challenge.

To actually throw the item, though, hold the healing item in your hand and press down on the aim button as if you were looking down the sights of a gun. Then, to throw it, press the fire button while holding down the aim button.

The Bandage Bazooka also doesn’t count toward this challenge, so make sure you’re only using items you can actually throw. This challenge can be completed in any mode, too.