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How to get the Mary Jane Watson skin in Fortnite

The new skin will cost you a few bucks.

Image via Epic Games

Spiderman fans can unlock a new exciting Fortnite skin that adds a classic take on an iconic character: Mary Jane Watson. The new skin features a classic Mary Jane design complete with bright red hair, a Spiderman shirt, and a unique Web Shredder Pickaxe. 

Unlocking the Classic Mary Jane Watson skin is simple but requires a few V-Bucks. The new skin is available in the Fortnite Item Shop starting today, March 24 for 1.500 V-Bucks. Purchasing the skin also rewards players with the Web Shredder Pickaxe, featuring a guitar with a Spiderman color scheme and a heart-shaped sticker in the corner. Players should have little trouble finding the new skin in the Fortnite Item Shop since it is available in its own section. 

Mary Jane has appeared in Fortnite previously, although as a different version. MJ from Spiderman: No Way Home was previously available in Chapter Three, season one. This design was heavily based on Zendaya’s depiction of the character and was a welcomed sight by Marvel Fans. The new Mary Jane Watson is the same character but the classic version older fans are likely familiar with. 

It’s unclear how long the Mary Jane Watson skin will be available in Fortnite, so make sure to grab it as soon as possible to avoid missing out. But remember, Fortnite skins offer no competitive advantage and are strictly cosmetic items. They do make your in-game character look cool, however, especially when there is a sick guitar strapped to your back. 

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