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How to get the High Hoops spray in Fortnite

Hook, line, and sinker.

Screengrab via Epic Games

The NBA’s All-Star game is only a couple of days away and the celebrations are already live in Fortnite. The Creative mode inside the game features a new hub that teleports players to the NBA 75 All-Star Hub.

In this hub, players will get to shoot baskets and vote for the next NBA-themed emote that will make its way into Fortnite. Alongside casting their votes, players will earn XP rewards and unlock cosmetic rewards.

Here are all the challenges that you can complete in the NBA 75 All-Star Hub:

  • Sink nine baskets at the NBA All-Star Hub – 18,000 XP
  • Sink 18 baskets at the NBA All-Star Hub – High Hoops spray
  • Sink 27 baskets at the NBA All-Star Hub – 18,000 XP

If you’re only looking to unlock the High Hoops spray, you’ll need to sink 18 baskets in the game mode that you can access by entering the following codes:

  • 2165-0294-6080?v=3
    • The map code above will only work on PCs
  • 2165-0294-60803

After entering the map, you’ll need to find a basketball and start shooting some hoops. The tricky part of this quest is that you’ll need to find different baskets every time after you make a shot. Unused baskets will have a red light under them. There are enough baskets to complete all the NBA All-Star Hub challenges on the custom map and players should be able to finish all of the challenges in less than an hour.

Scoring 27 baskets will net players a total of 36,000 XP and a High Hoops spray cosmetic item.