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How to get Supercharged XP in Fortnite?

Supercharge your way to completing the battle pass.

Image via Epic Games

Every Fortnite player dreams of climbing higher in the game’s ranked ladder. While it’s an admirable goal that’ll keep you motivated throughout your Fortnite career, it isn’t the only aspect players look forward to.

Each new Fortnite season introduces a battle pass, filled with new content, skins, and various cosmetics. Players can level up their battle passes by spending more V-Bucks, but it’s entirely possible to max out a battle pass without a dime through completing quests. Epic Games adds a new set of weekly challenges. Completing these in-game challenges rewards players with decent amounts of XP, allowing them to unlock higher tiers of the pass in no time.

Weekly quests aren’t the only way of gaining XP, however. There are also rotating daily challenges. These daily quests are also known as quick challenges and you’ll need to avoid completing them to get Supercharged XP in Fortnite.

Though it may sound weird, this mechanic allows players who can’t play Fortnite every day to keep up with more active players. When you skip on completing your daily/quick quests it’ll activate the Supercharged bonus for your account the next day.

Once you’re Supercharged you’ll gain more XP while completing weekly quests and even regular in-game activities like opening loot boxes. You’ll remain Supercharged if you continue not completing any daily/quick challenges.

There’s a limit of how much bonus XP you can earn while you’re Supercharged, however. Your Supercharged status will expire once you earn the amount of XP you missed out on by not completing the daily quests.

Even if you play Fortnite daily, not doing your quick challenges will save you time in the long run. The total of XP, you’ll be able to earn when you’re Supercharged will depend on the XP rewards of daily quests and those tend to change every few seasons.

In the early days, most players confused the Supercharged status with double-XP weekends since a decent portion of the player base was only able to play Fortnite during the weekends. This created a misconception that every weekend was a double-XP weekend in Fortnite, which was confusing for regular players since they wouldn’t receive the Supercharged status that everyone was talking about.

To make sure you don’t complete any daily challenges to get Supercharged, you should take a look at your quest log and note down your daily challenges to avoid completing them.