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How to get an Egg Launcher in Fortnite Chapter 3, season 2

This is eggs-actly what The Seven needed.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite is one of the most popular live service games due to its seasonal events and constant updates. The game has received a new weapon ahead of Easter and it’s an explosive addition to the loot pool. The Egg Launcher was added this week, with bouncy exploding eggs that are as festive as they are deadly.

Egg Launchers were added to the loot pool on April 12, and you can find the blue rarity ones among the ground loot. To get higher rarities, players will need to search through chests around the map and hope it contains the launcher.

The projectiles from the Egg Launcher don’t explode on impact. Instead, it will bounce a couple of times before exploding. When it explodes, it will be with a bunch of confetti, so your enemy has a little bit of fun before perishing. This weapon was added alongside the Jetpack, leading to some interesting aerial explosions on the battlefield.

In addition to the Egg Launcher, Epic also added some Bouncy Eggs that give the player lower gravity. In the past, these eggs have spawned away from major landmarks and in the fields and open areas instead. When you consume one, you’ll have lower gravity and be able to jump to higher locations.

This is a great tool to have in the Zero Build mode, where getting the height advantage is more complex than it is in Fortnite’s building counterpart.

There’s no notice of how long the Egg Launcher will remain in the game. It could be a temporary, seasonal thing to celebrate Easter or last until the end of the current season in June.

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