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How to fly 20 meters with a chicken in Fortnite Chapter 2, season 6

Witness the power of chicken wings.

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The third week of Fortnite Chapter Two, season six went live earlier today, offering a bunch of new challenges for players to complete. These tasks are essential for players looking to complete their battle pass as soon as possible—and they can also be quite fun.

One of the challenges from this week invites players to fly around with a chicken for 20 meters. While it sounds odd at first, chickens behave just like the orbs that Spire Guardians drop. Once you pick up a chicken, you’ll be able to jump higher in the air, which will count as flying.

The hardest part of the quest is actually finding a chicken, though, since roaming around the whole map to find one will be less than ideal.

Here’s how you can find and fly 20 meters with a chicken in Fortnite Chapter Two, season six.

How to fly 20 meters with a chicken in Fortnite Chapter Two, season six

Though you can find random chickens all over the map, it looks like there’s a fixed spawn between Pleasant Park and the blue steel bridge. This chicken moves around the two points of interest (POI), close to the roadside.

Considering this area is filled with yellow-ish trees, noticing the chicken will be relatively easy. Once you spot the chicken, you’ll need to approach it and pick it up by interacting with it. Your character will lift the chicken up in the air after interacting with it and you’ll be able to jump higher.

These low-gravity jumps will count as flying and you’ll need to perform enough of them to accumulate a total of 20 meters. Alternatively, you can also build yourself a ramp or find a high place to jump from with your chicken. You’ll start gliding once you jump from a certain height with a chicken in your hands, which will also count toward the quest.

Stay on alert as you’re jumping around since you’ll be close to a rather crowded landmark. If you see any enemies approaching, it may be a better idea to put your chicken aside and deal with them first before completing the quest.