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How to fix Fortnite Winterfest’s empty stockings bug


Image via Epic Games

If you happened to sign into Fortnite today to find a new Winterfest challenge after opening every present, you might have found a small, annoying bug to greet you.

When going into the Winterfest Cabin, the Stocking that houses the missions is seemingly empty with no way to fix the bug at first glance.

Thankfully, however, there is a small (yet still annoying) way to open it—at least for now, until Epic Games either fix the issue or Winterfest as an event ends.

To get the stockings to spawn the next mission, you will need to restart the game. Failing that, try playing a match and see if it spawns afterward.

Other ways to get them to spawn are to complete challenges, either one from the battle pass you have yet to do or the daily free ones that you get from signing in.

Failing all these options, the only thing left to do to fix the bug is wait for Epic Games to just hurry up and fix the issues before its too late.