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How to fix error causing Fortnite challenges to remain uncompleted

It's not you, it's the servers.

Image via Epic Games

Each Fortnite season comes with a new storyline and a battle pass filled with innovative skins. Though players have the option to pay extra in exchange for a level boost on their battle pass, it’s possible to max it out by completing the available weekly and event quests.

Considering most quests aren't time-restrained, you'll be able to complete them whenever you want to until the season ends. Buggy challenges, on the other hand, may make completing these quests more difficult than usual, causing you to re-do them multiple times.

While it isn't an everyday event, there have been times when the whole table of challenges was bugged. If you're sure that you've been fulfilling the requirements of a quest over and over again without any results, there's a chance that there may be a server-wide issue.

Only Epic Games can fix server-related bugs and errors, so there are only a handful of home-remedy solutions you can try to fix the problem potentially.

Here's everything you can do if the Fortnite challenges aren't working.

Check the social media accounts of Fortnite

When the userbase starts encountering such errors, it only takes a matter of time for Epic to notice it. If the issue affects the gameplay experience negatively, the developer usually updates players through its social media channels. Follow the Fortnite Status account for more updates regarding similar errors in the game.

If there's a fix that users can apply in specific situations, Epic will also let the users know. But most of the time, you'll just need to wait for the developer to fix the error. 

Bugs like these usually get sorted out in less than a day. When the errors don't prevent you from logging into the game, you should still be able to play matches and gain experience by raking up takedowns.

What can you do if there aren't any server-wide issues but your challenges aren't working?

If there aren't any server-side issues reported on Fortnite's social media accounts yet you still can't seem to complete your challenges, there are a couple of steps you can follow through.

Quests usually stop working whenever there's an event that draws in more players than usual, causing servers to struggle for a brief period. While waiting it out will always work in the long run, you aren't without options.

  • Double-check the requirements of the challenge.
    • Some challenges will require you to enter a match with a squad-mate that you'll need to invite yourself from your friends' list.
    • While most quests specify the game mode that you'll be able to complete them, some may fail to inform the players. Check online guides to ensure you're trying to complete the said quest in the right game mode.
  • Quit Fortnite to relog again.
    • To eliminate the chance of visual bugs, exit the game completely and relog to see if the quest in question is still listed as incomplete. The server may fail to update your quest count as you complete them due to high server-load, and a relog can fix that.
  • Change regions.
    • Another last-resort solution you can try is changing servers so that you can try to complete your quests in a less crowded one. 
  • Report the problem to Epic.
    • If none of the methods above seem to work for you and you still can't complete your quests, you should notify Epic of the problem.
    • You can send a direct message to Fortnite's Status Twitter account or open a ticket through their support page. Mention all the troubleshooting steps that you've tried to fix the problem alongside your gameplay region and internet service provider.
    • A support specialist should get back to you with information whether it was a temporary issue or steps to fix the problem if it was something on your end.

You can also check out other community hubs and create topics to see if there are other players who are experiencing the same error.