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How to establish ‘device uplink’ near Seven Outpost II, Sanctuary, and Synapse Station in Fortnite

These quests won't complete themselves.

Fortnite’s third chapter wrapped up its first season and the second is now underway. In addition to new mechanics like removing buildings and the additional shields, there’s a new battle pass featuring Doctor Strange.

Players will need to complete challenges to max out their battle passes, and Rebuilding Quests is one of many. This Fortnite questline features multiple steps, and players will need to complete the first stages to unlock the remaining ones. 

The first stage of the questline will require players to visit one of the following places and establish devices uplink in the process.

The Sanctuary

The Fortnite device uplink is located on the south side of The Sanctuary. It’s in the yard of a building next to the road leading to the Sanctuary.

Seven Outpost II

Screengrab via Epic Games

Seven Outpost II may not be a named point of interest on the map, but the device uplink in the location is the easiest one to find. Players can simply land on the Seven Outpost II and find the device uplink at the top of the mountain.

Synapse Station

The third device uplink will require players to travel to a new landmark, Synapse Station. On the minimap, make your way to the letter “O” in Station and move toward just above it to find the device uplink.

Going to one of these locations will be enough to complete this challenge and Fortnite players will be rewarded with 40,000 XP for completing the quest.

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