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How to enter the Fortnite Lantern Trials

Lanter Trials return for 2022

Image via Epic Games

Trials are Fortnites way of rewarding players for getting eliminations during standard matches. Last time, it was a set of rewards that the player earned for playing the new Zero Build modes. Players can get eliminations in any standard mode in the Fortnite Lanter Trials.

To sign up for the Trials, players must go to Fortnite’s website and log in with their Epic Games account. You’ll know you were successful once you see your username on the top right and “Day 1 Task” under the countdown.

As with previous Trials, you’ll need to eliminate other players to unlock different cosmetic rewards. You’ll, however, only need to get one kill to unlock the first Emoticon rewards. The basic rewards for getting one kill each day of the Lantern Trials are:

  • Day one – Brawlin’ Bunny Emoticon
  • Day two – Rook’s Eyeroll Emoticon
  • Day three – Sweaty Jonesy Emoticon
  • Day four – Shrug Ranger Emoticon
  • Day five – Receive all previous Emoticons

There are other rewards for players who are willing to work a little harder. Each day of the Trials will have a considerably larger milestone than the basic rewards.

For the first day, the player will need to get 35 kills in the period to unlock the Leadlight Wrap as the milestone reward. After that, to unlock the Dream Lantern Back Bling, players must complete a second milestone goal.

If you’re having trouble getting eliminations, consider getting a vantage point and attacking your enemy from afar before moving in closer. As long as you’re persistent, you’ll get eliminations and reach the milestones with time to spare.

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