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How to eliminate enemies with Epic or better ranged weapons in Fortnite Chapter 3, season 3

Head to Reality Falls to look for high-quality weapons.

Image via Epic Games

To keep players interested in the game, Fortnite introduces weekly challenges that give the players something extra to do besides shooting at each other. Some of these challenges are more difficult than others and sometimes they even overlap. For one of the weekly quests, players are asked to eliminate two opponents with an Epic or higher quality weapon.

To find a weapon with a high enough quality, you’ll need to look somewhere with the best quantity of high-level weapons. Currently, players can find weapons in Reality Saplings, where they spawn in the fruit growing off the tree. If you can find a tree that has Epic or higher quality fruit, you’re guaranteed to get a ranged weapon of that quality from the sapling.

Fortnite chapter three season three map with reality falls circled
Screengrab via Epic Games

By popping multiple fruits of Epic or higher quality, you’ll find different ranged weapons. Since they will all be high enough quality for the challenge, you have more options in how to take down your enemies. If you’re able to check multiple high-level saplings, you’ll have the pick of your favorite weapons while also earning experience from gathering the fruit.

For players who want to knock out two challenges with one weapon, they can get an Epic or higher quality Two-Shot Shotgun. There’s another quest this season that asks players to get multiple headshots with the Two-Shot Shotgun, making the choice to use it perfectly for both of the current quests.

If you do decide to land in Reality Falls and search the Reality Saplings, consider that this is a popular landing place in Fortnite Chapter Three, season three. You’ll likely be able to get the eliminations you need without ever leaving the Reality Tree.