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How to download personnel files from old IO servers in Fortnite

For this mission, we're going back to analog.

Image via Epic Games

In the current season of Fortnite, players have been tasked with helping The Seven’s resistance effort by meeting different war objectives. In the past, this has meant collecting information and donating to funding stations to get better weapons. Now, players are tasked with infiltrating Command Cavern and stealing the personnel files inside.

Luckily for the players, getting to Command Cavern and getting inside isn’t hard due to the number of entryways the POI has. Once inside, head for the quest icon on your map, and then go to the lowest level you can. You’ll see a glowing analog machine that you can interact with to learn about the information that the Imagined Order has on The Seven.

A large analog machine that can't be accessed remotely
Screengrab via Epic Games

When players access the machine, they’ll learn about the different characters that the IO has been tracking. Peely, for instance, has accumulated a lot of driving violations since players started to teach him how to drive earlier in the season. There are also files on The Foundation, The Imagined, and more. But you were sent there to find information on the Sisters, and none could be found.

This quest has followed similar espionage themes that have seen the player gathering information on behalf of The Seven. Some similar names are mentioned at the end of this quest, like Geno, who is still a mysterious character yet to be revealed. Whether they’re the one controlling the IO or someone who can help in the war, it’s unclear right now.

As the story nears the end of this season, players are eager to learn more about the story and what the Imagined Order has been cooking up in secret. Sloane still hasn’t taken revenge when players re-enabled the building, so it shouldn’t be long before fans learn what she meant by “Plan B.”