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How to Destroy Hiding Places in Fortnite

But I was going to hide in there.

Screengrab via Epic Games

The Fortnite map is filled with different landmarks, which may require different types of combat. While a mountainous area may favor sniping, players will need to engage in close-range combat in more crowded locations.

If you’re looking to adopt a more peaceful style, Fortnite will also have you covered since there are a decent number of hiding spots on the map. Some of these spots are called hiding places which come in the form of dumpsters, haystacks, or any form of camouflage that can hide a human-sized Fortnite character. Using hiding places is simple since players just need to get close to them and use their interaction button to start hiding.

Once you’re inside a hiding place, you’ll have the option to leave any time by moving. One of the challenges introduced with Chapter Three, season one requires players to destroy a hiding place, and if you’ve never used one before, it may be relatively hard to find one on the map.

Where can you destroy a hiding place in Fortnite?

Destroying a hiding place is simple since you just need to take out your pickaxe and start swinging at one until it gets destroyed. The real challenge in this quest is actually finding the hiding places.

Given its small size, Sleepy Sound, located toward the north of the map, features quite a few hiding places in its perimeters. Players can find two dumpster-shaped hiding places on the east side of the landmark, and there are at least three more on the northwest part of Sleepy Sound.

To complete the hiding place introduced in Chapter Three, season one, players must destroy five hiding places.