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How to defeat the Storm King in Fortnitemares Chapter Two

Prepare for the grind.

Image via Fortnite

A new PVE event has gone like in Fortnite Chapter Two today as part of the Fortnitemares 2019 festivities.

Should you be able to take down the colossal monster known as the Storm King, you’ll unlock an exclusive Glider for free as part of this year’s Halloween event. But how exactly do you take him down?

First, you will need to choose the “Storm King” game mode option on Fortnite and then go into a match. You will be matched with a bunch of other players looking to take down the beast and will load directly into the Battle Bus.

You will then need to swoop down onto the map and scavenge quickly before heading to the map’s center, where the Storm King will appear. To kill him, you will need to aim at the gold weak spots.

After chipping away at three weak spots, his horns will become targetable. You will need to shred the horns’ health bar down until its empty to move onto the next phase, the second horn.

There, you will need to repeat the same strategy until you finally chip away at the second horn, which will take you to the final phase of the fight. As soon as both horns have been destroyed, the Storm King will become targettable. You will need to work together to chip away at his health bar to finish the fight and win the match.

Do all this, and the rewards will be yours.