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How to damage players with a Clinger in Fortnite Chapter 3, season 1

Those sticky grenades might be useful in a handful of situations.

Image via Epic Games

In Chapter Three, season one, Fortnite reintroduced players to the Clinger. It’s a grenade attached to a plunger, which can be found above the motel at Sleepy Sound.

The Clinger, however, isn’t like most of the weapons in the game. It sticks to the surfaces it lands onto and detonates after three seconds, dealing area damage. Once the Clinger is thrown at a player, it can naturally stick to them, dealing 100 damage afterward.

Because of its unusual nature, many players have been wondering what the best way to damage enemies is with the Clinger. And it seems like there’s one powerful way to make an impact with the sticky grenade.

Since the Clinger attaches itself to other players, its best used when thrown at close distances. In moments like these, you’re way more likely to hit the enemy and make sure that they’ll take a good chunk of damage.

The Clinger’s stickiness does have its downsides. When used at far distances, it’s unlikely that you’ll hit any enemies, unless you have incredible aim to rely on. Therefore, when you find yourself having the item at far distances, it’s best used to destroy walls and other obstacles that come in your way.

The Clinger is also a proven tool to use in the middle of a battle with your opponents. In Fortnite, you’ll oftentimes find rivals building structures around them to survive the damage and have a safe spot to fall back into. The grenade is extremely powerful when it comes to tearing those structures down.