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How to complete the ‘Emote at stone statues’ challenge in Fortnite

It's better late than never.

Image via Epic Games

Some Fortnite players have been left scratching their heads after trying and failing to complete the week nine challenges for Chapter Two, season five. 

The challenges are usually easy to complete and require very little thinking. But week nine’s tasks, which became available last week, weren’t as straightforward as some players have come to expect from the game.

The “emote at stone statues” challenge, in particular, left players feeling confused. Although the week has come and gone, all weekly challenges are available for the entire season. 

The stone statues in question can be found at the north gates of Colossal Coliseum near the middle of the Fortnite island. The statues are two great-big stone lamas, protecting the metal gates of the arena.

To complete the challenge, simply glide down or walk to the two statues by the stairs at Colossal Coliseum and choose an emote from your collection. To find an emote on PC, press and hold B. On PlayStation and Xbox, press the down button. 

The “Emote at stone statues” challenge will earn you 20,000 XP toward your battle pass.