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How to complete a lap at Motorboat Mayhem in Fortnite

Mind the other boats.

Screengrab via Epic Games

The fourth week of Fortnite‘s new season, Chapter two, season three, just rolled out and introduced a new set of weekly challenges for players to complete.

Each of these challenges awards 35,000 XP that counts toward the Battle Pass and there will be more tasks to complete in the upcoming weeks.

One of this week's challenges requires players to complete a lap at Motorboat Mayhem. Though it's one of the easier challenges of this week, finding where the Motorboat Mayhem takes place on the map can take a while.

You'll notice that there isn't a landmark named Motorboat Mayhem on the map. You'll need to either rotate or land toward the right of the bridge that's located on the top left corner of the E7 section of the map. The location is in-between Rickety Rig and Misty Meadows.

Screengrab via Epic Games

There will be a boat racing track waiting for you here. You need to find a boat before getting to the starting line. Once you get behind the starting line, a countdown from 15 will begin.

Hit the pedals after the timer and make sure to follow the rings that will guide you through the course. You'll need to drive through them as they appear and a set of fireworks will go off at the finish line if you successfully get all the rings.

Completing this quest will award players with 35,000 XP.