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How to compete in the Nov. 18 Venom Cup on Fortnite

Are you ready to become the new host of Venom?

Image via Epic Games

Despite its recent troubles with Apple, Epic Games has churned out one of the best Fortnite seasons of this chapter.

Chapter two, season four turned out to be a hit across the player base, with Marvel characters taking the Nexus War to the Fortnite world. Characters like Iron Man, Wolverine, and Thor were available from the get-go through the Battle Pass, while names like Daredevil visited the in-game item shop throughout the season.

Only a villain worthy enough would be fit to wrap up the season, and Epic is getting ready to host the Venom Cup on Nov. 18. As the name suggests, players will be able to compete in the in-game event to unlock the Venom Outfit early.

In addition to the outfit, you’ll have a chance to unlock the We Are Venom Built-in Emote, Tendril Tote Back Bling, and Symbiote Slasher Pickaxe before it becomes available in the Item Shop. 

Here’s how you can compete in the Venom Cup on Nov. 18.

How can you play in the Nov. 18 Venom Cup on Fortnite

Joining in on the fun is easy. Head over to the Compete tab while you’re in the game lobby and locate the Venom Cup. Check out the local start times for your region and mark your calendar, so you don’t miss the event.

The Venom Cup is a Duos event, and you won’t be able to fill into tournaments. This means that you’ll need a Duo partner of your own, and both accounts participating will need to be level 30 or higher.

You’ll also need to have two-factor authentication set up on both accounts. You can check out your account level in the top right under the Career tab, which you can access through the lobby screen.

You don’t have to worry if you miss the first event since there’ll be a second one held hours after the initial one. Anyone who participates in the first event will also be able to play in the second one, meaning you’ll have two chances to prove your skills.

Note that the Venom Cup will feature the Marvel Knockout (Duos) game mode. Participating in the Venom Cup alongside the Ghost Rider and Black Widow Cups will let you get your hands on the Nexus Glider.

Make sure to read the Venom Cup’s official tournament rules to make sure you don’t risk your chance at obtaining the Venom Outfit.